Security Token Exchange- A Turning Point

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Business Software India   •   Feb 21, 2020

Security Token Offering Development in india

Security Token Exchange- A Turning Point

The topic of current interest in corporate is drifting towards Security Token Offering (STO). Traditional market offerings considered as Initial Public Offering (IPO) which has a consistent record of profit and business generation.

Blockchain technology gives birth to Security Token Offering which is more secure by its nomenclature. This new wing of financial technology can be utilized as a safe investment in Cryptocurrency. The token services generally developed by some high tech development firms who are having full-stack knowledge in Blockchain technology, with extensive support team of dedicated professionals who can solve any kind of disputes of financial transactions because monetary issues can be solved by trust in major cases and trust comes out honesty, that adheres to money laundering and any sort of fraudulent activity.

Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) is a non-debt financial instrument, investors who purchase a SAFT face the possibility that they may lose their money. But the document only


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