Tokenized Investment Platform Software

Tokenized Investment Platform Software

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Business Software India   •  Apr 26, 2020

Investment Platform Software

An investment platform is a service which allows one to buy, sell and hold funds. Financial advisors generally help retail investors to invest in various markets and resources. B2B (Business to Business), B2C ( Business to Customers) business models are generally funded and run by gathering investments from a retail market. Moreover, the investment potential is very promising as platforms have become very popular over the years due to its tax efficient way of holding investments.

We find ourselves in the era where investments are synonymous to online investments. Having online access to your investment portfolio allows you to view and monitor the progress at any time. Every market holds the risk of loss of the investor’s money. That is why, investors also have the convenience of managing multiple products under one roof, as many platforms allow you to hold an ISA, GIA and SIPP simultaneously.

Studies show that the dramatic growth of online investment platforms proceeded financial growth in a vast way. With so many aspects of our lives already being digitised, it is no surprise that investment companies are also shifting their focus towards online investment platform development.

“The tokenisation of assets refers to the process of issuing a blockchain token (specifically, a security token) that digitally represents a real tradable asset” Deloitte

Blockchain is a vastly emerging technology, which proceeded to fuel the development of a Tokenised Investment Platform. Digital currency-assets in the shape of token-based assets, is a fresh and innovative trend of stock exchanges and investment platforms. Digital tokens are backed by and represent physical assets or assets with real economic value.

Issuing securities and raising capital is a complex process for investment enterprises. During this process, every bank has its unique bookkeeping system, maintaining balance sheets and ledgers. A blockchain-based tokenisation investment platform, results in a unified process of bookkeeping and maintaining ledgers for issuing securities and raising capital.

Tools of Asset Tokenisation:

• Assets owned by individuals, companies and governments
• Equity in businesses
• Investment funds
• Services and goods of businesses
• Real Estate Assets

Usecase: Real Estate Tokenisation

Real Estate Asset-backed tokens can be a solution to trading numerous illiquid assets, such as corporate debt or equity, corporate bonds, real estate, education and much more.

Business Software India initiates the tokenisation process in a real estate platform which is completely Blockchain- based, where the property can be divided into small parts equal to tokens. The investment platform which can be completely tokenised, is secured through a blockchain-based development process. Each block will consist of each investment data from the smallest investment ($5) to large investments.

BSI has potential clients who run their stock exchanges on a completely blockchain-based basis. On our five year journey, we have come across an increasing number of customers looking to tokenise real estate and other physical assets in order to bring more exposure and speed of investment to their company.

BSI will accompany the software development from start to finish.


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