Real Estate Investment – A New Hope

Real Estate Investment – A New Hope

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Business Software India   •  June 06, 2020

Real Estate Investment

 Real Estate Investment platform development in blockchain technology

 Real Estate Investment platform development in blockchain technology is a top-notch technological solution for the sustainable real estate industry. The real estate industry has been benefiting from a diversified investment portfolio that holds a combination of equities, bonds, REITs and infrastructure securities. Yet, the Real Estate Investment (REI) trend has been quite typical in terms of risk factors. Due to the COVID crisis, matters went the other way. The decrease in demand resulted in major problems for REI yet the REIT will help to recharge the growing economy. COVID-19 has affected the industry globally. However, greater focus on business continuity planning (work-from-home in particular) will gain traction.

This may prompt:

  • More businesses engage in tech support, hence related service providers are in demand.
  • Increased demand for data storage and data center providers.

Real estate properties will emerge in –

  • Healthcare Properties
  • Warehousing
  • Digitally enabled co-living spaces
  • Old-age homes

Real estate investments, which continue to offer better relative returns in comparison to other asset classes, is set to increase. The demand for new buildings with pandemic protection or to fight against a pandemic crisis will arise. The mass adoption of remote-working technology through the pandemic phase will likely increase the pace of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, placing even more emphasis on robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and unmanned vehicles.

Investors and Developers can follow these key factors to gain a proper ROI:

1.Consider cost-effective solutions for expansion, including flexible work-spaces

2.Landlords and developers should place importance on wellness, and sustainability in buildings.

3.In the logistic sector,, developers are advised to invest in modernizing their warehousing facilities and improve wellness and safety norms.

Business Software India offers clients the best technological solution for the pandemic affected real estate sector, through an innovative digital investment platform on a white label basis. This eliminates market problems such as low traction, high capital requirements and expensive middlemen.

BSI has potential clients who run their stock exchanges on a completely blockchain-based basis.


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