Automation Is Indispensible

Automation Is Indispensable

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Business Software India   •  June 10, 2020

Automation Is Indispensible

Why Automation is Indispensable? Automation is the technology by which a process is performed with minimal human assistance. It has a lot of benefits in the future. Automation-related Artificial Intelligent to empowers their people to focus on what’s important. Automation with AI enables you to enter the organization to be always on optimizing the delivery of goods and services to provide seamless continuity in a dynamic Market.

Is Automation required? Well, it can be related to asking a question to a human whether water is required for digestion? Some say yes it’s required as it helps in diluting the acidic contents and helps aid digestion while others say It does not affect the same. Similar to this answer I would say Yes automation plays a vital role in many industries while it can doom an industry as well. Let’s speak about the pros and cons of Automation. The pros of Automation across industries would be an increase in production rate, reduced time, and higher quality. Reduced Margin of errors mainly human errors that leads to fatal injuries and loss of human life and also resources. Reduced cost of production as there are minimal human interventions required than the conventional way of production. Automation will change the traditional 8 hours of production to say a continuous line of production with minimal human supervision. Like a coin has two faces so does Automation and here are the cons. As automation is set into place there would be a hefty price in reducing the manpower hence leading to unemployment this is a serious problem in developing and underdeveloped countries as most of the workforce are not college graduates who can supervise over the automated machines these are people who rely on hand and brains to do their work. Sometimes in case of a failure in an automated process, it could take hours before the system is up and running that is only if the technicians are prudent enough to identify, rectify, and execute. Automating a production chain comes with heavy investments though it’s a one-time investment it’s still huge. So let’s move into a simple day to day scenario where automation has saved us a lot of time and stress. Let’s take the MRT. One now doesn’t need to wait in long queues to get a ticket, find the platform, enter the cabin, let the Ticket Inspector check your ticket, and add up more garbage to planet earth while cutting down trees for making the paper used for tickets. Automation over here has made our lives much simpler in traveling you just need to swipe in your travel card at the boarding station and swipe out your card at the destination. The fare is automatically deducted and also you saved a lot of energy and time. If you ask me if automation required I would answer you AUTOMATION IS THE FUTURE.

In this world, we all are living with the help of automation techniques. It helps us in increasing production without errors in a short time. The accuracy rate will be higher while using machines. It can increase our safety by performing critical functions. It will make the impossible into possible, it’s an added advantage to implement our human imagination.

we all are depending on automation only. It can save humans from dangerous and hazardous tasks and perform quickly. we can predefine the function one time and can be used at any time. Machines can work even 24/7 by that we can increase our yield. In this lockdown, automation is very useful to us. Because we can follow social distancing with the help of sensor automation. For example, if we are using a sensor in the door without touching it, it can sense us, and automatically the door is opened. With the help of this automation only we are successfully doing work from home. So automation is necessary for today’s generation.

The primary benefits of automation most often were cost reduction, Productivity, Availability, Reliability, and Performance.

The companies that implement automated systems often see positive bottom-line results from their efforts.

However, some personnel issues have surfaced as automation become reality. Many employees view automation will displace many jobs over the next 10 to 15 years. But this solution is to modify the role of automation. Give your employees personnel new responsibilities. As the position is no longer needed. The new technology gives rise to new and greater responsibilities

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