Crypto Exchange Software Development

Crypto Exchange Software Development

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Business Software India   •  June 26, 2020

Crypto Exchange Software Development

Since Adopting Blockchain technology, Finance being its first application, has benefited immensely using various innovative and ground-breaking features of the technology. Blockchain not only disrupted currencies as a trading tool and its usage but also gave a paradigm shift in other financial tools like securities, funds and other similar instruments.

Any financial tool involves the transfer between at-least two parties. And in most cases they rely heavily on continuous trade against another financial tool, usually currency to non-currency and vice versa, to appreciate its value. The more the instrument traded more its set to change its value. And based on setup and complexity of it, price movement in any direction may generate money for the trader, hence the existence of exchanges.

Few Governments’ Standpoint on Crypto

The Supreme Court of India passed judgement on 4th March, 2020 striking down the Reserve Bank’s April 2018 circular which bans regulated financial institutions from providing services to crypto businesses.

The judgment accelerated the adoption of cryptocurrency rapidly in India. Several Crypto Exchanges rushed to re-integrate banking solutions and bring back INR support through bank accounts.

Wyoming, a state of USA is enabled with Blockchain technology adoption that assures digital asset holding as legal as Fiat currency-based assets. Wyoming recognizes direct property rights for individual owners of digital assets of all types (virtual currencies, digital securities, utility tokens) and applies the super-negotiability rules of commercial law to virtual currencies—which foster their liquidity—by applying the very same rules that apply to money. Not only property rights, Wyoming’s commercial law reflects the true nature of digital assets (directly owned, peer-to-peer assets) hold the equal value of physical assets.

Estonia, one of the prestigious country in European Union and the first state having 99% public services online. They started building world’s first digital society twenty years back. Adopting all emerging technologies, and now is friendly with digital assets are classified as property for tax purpose; cryptocurrency exchanges are fairly regulated.

In Estonia, the financial watchdog, Finantsinspektsioon (EFSA) and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) are approachable, instead. They cooperate with founders in an easy going, friendly and reliable way. If you follow the (straight and bright) rules, Estonian regulators are ready to help you. Estonia grants two types of license, to offer digital asset exchange platforms and wallet provider services from the country.

Unique Features of Crypto Exchange developed by BSI

1.Hybrid Data Management

Blockchain technology has been always the backbone of our software . But since with any public blockchain, high-frequency trade is not possible, for trade match engine, the software developed by BSI uses a centralized database. But in BSI’s software user’s assets remain in blockchain giving them full control over their assets.

2.High Trade Generation

It’s a complex, high performance and features a rich trading platform, ready to be used in any exchange. In the core of BSI’s software lies the blockchain for user assets storage.

3.B2B Exchange

The more the instrument traded more its set to change its value. And based on setup and complexity of it, price movement in any direction may generate money for the trader, hence the existence of exchange.

4.The White-label Crypto Exchange Software Consists of

• High Frequency Trading Engine
• 3rd Party KYC Service Provider Integration
• Use of Web Socket
• Adaptive to all blockchain
• Live Data Exchange
• High Security Data Storage
• Efficient Queue Management System
• API Driven Software for Wide Array of Applications
• Enterprise Grade Architecture and Frameworks
• Key Based Authentication for Security
• Session less, Rolling Key Based Admin API for Highest Security

BSI has potential clients who run their stock exchanges on a completely blockchain-based basis.


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