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Reshaping Industries with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) has become a significant part of our life from the medical to manufacturing industry. Last year, the innovative tech saw extraordinary development, with an estimated surge from 598Mn units to 1.73Bn by 2024. Let's dive deeper into the top 10 use cases of Augmented Reality...

Top 10 Use Cases of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality in Healthcare 

AR tech has broken down the healthcare hurdle into interactive 3D forms from MRI equipment operation to complex surgeries. It helps in improving the effectiveness and depth of medical training, empowering experts to explain treatments and ailments. 3D imaging of organs from different angles aid surgeons in making more accurate surgery.

AR in Education

With the integration of games into education, AR has provided a top-notch experience for students and teachers. The tech shifts from conventional educational methods to digital experience, helping students swiftly grasp complicated concepts through 3D visualization.

Public Safety Handling 

AR is a future promise to emergency situations offering public safety. First responders who arrive on natural or man-made disasters wear AR glasses, so they are signaled to dangerous areas showing assistance needed individuals while staying put with their surroundings. Those in geolocation-enabled areas, AR offer navigation to safe zone & areas with paramedics.

Logistics Industry & AR 

AR offers various choices to improve efficiency & increase expense savings in logistics areas like optimization, transportation, and warehousing. For example, shipping firm DHL has given its workforce AR glasses that assist them in taking the short route from warehouse to object pickup destination.

 Tourism Industry & AR

With the surge of AR development, tourism has become hassle-free, offering potential tourists an immersive experience before traveling. It provides a 360-degree tour of the destination, including meeting facilities, guest rooms, dine-in places, and other venues you might like to visit within a touch away.

 Retail Industry and AR

The biggest obstacle for retail stores, when people are unsure whether to buy certain items or not. Today, customers make use of smartphones to look up product information or compare prices. With AR in hand, it's a goodbye to tiresome shopping. World-famous motorbike brand Harley Davidson had developed an AR app for people to use in-store to view the bike and customize it.

Design and Modeling

From interior designing to construction, design & modeling revolves around AR, assisting experts in taking a final product tour. Then, with the help of headsets, they can step into their spaces to see how the design has turned out & whether or not advancements are required.

Food and Beverages Industry

Now, end consumers can have nutritional information at their fingertips. In addition, AR has made it possible for diners to get detailed data on ingredients and other food-related information in restaurants. This, in turn, helps chefs to experiment with new recipes to meet diner's satisfaction.


AR has widely become a marketing tool, creating opportunities among entertainment brands. For example, Pokémon Go makers are planning to launch a Harry Potter-themed game as it is very successful among readers and viewers, and fans are so immersed in the themes characters. It is developed for Harry Potter fans to communicate frequently.

Beauty and Fashion

AR has transformed the fashion and beauty sector by offering virtual assistance in 'try before you buy' by staying at home. One such example is a dept store chain Macy's, which offers streamlined cosmetic selection without waiting long hours by creating an app using AR, permitting customers to choose from various beauty products.

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