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defi; decentralised finance

DeFi - a billion dollar market

Defi or decentralized finance is the cryptocurrency based transaction that allows users to participate in financial services such as lending, borrowing, and trading without the need for intermediaries or third-party engagement. The financial tools involve the transfer between at least two parties. And in most cases they rely heavily on continuous trade against another financial tool, from usual currency to non-currency and vice versa, to appreciate its value. The more the instrument traded more its set to change its value. And based on its setup and complexity of it, price movement in any direction may generate money for the trader, hence the existence of exchanges.

DeFi has achieved this popularity by utilizing cryptocurrencies to power transactions throughout the world at a breakneck velocity, executing transactions between users via smart contracts, and facilitating borrowing or lending. DeFi offers the highest level of security because to the immutable transaction capacity provided by blockchain technology, which eliminates the need for central banks to control all of this activity.

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Business Software India specializes in Stock Exchange, OTC platform, Crypto Exchange. 

Our  Blockchain and AI-powered asset trading platform is a complete white-label exchange software and is 100% flexible to utilize for Stock Exchange, OTC Trading platforms, and Commodity Exchanges.

Digitalization of these assets is as important as gaining profit in any business. Hence, our software does that tremendous job for you. With the use of an AI-powered bot can turn traditional trade into completely automated trade generating high trade, securing data, mitigating administrative expenses, accurate market-making strategy.


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Our blockchain-AI enabled white-label software for exchange is a platform for traders to trade. This high performance trading platform ready to be used in any exchange. In the core of this software lies the blockchain for user asset storage.

 Hybrid data management partially having a centralized database and partially on blockchain. But since with any public blockchain, high frequency trade is not possible, for trade match engine, BATP uses centralized database. But the users has  full control over their assets. 

Business Software India offers a market-worthy White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script with prebuilt stunning features that can be customized to match your specific needs.

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    User-friendly User Interface, 100% Friendly for Non-technical Users

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    Blockchain-based High-frequency Trade Engine with Advanced Charting System

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    Hacking-free, Zero-Trust based Threat Management

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    AI-generated, Contextual Organic Advice to Traders

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    Artificial Intelligence-based Strategy Planning

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    AI Prediction to Tackle Trade Disturbances

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    Worldwide Payment Option Integration

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