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STEADFAST SECURITY TOKEN offering Development is Swift, Secure, Game Changing Business Mechanism. 

We have experience in developing and operating large scale digital companies. Our expertise in STOs allows us to collect funds from investors all over the world.

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STO development service is responsible for the complete programming of your STO Investor Dashboard, which enables the extensive sale of your security token offering.

STO Dashboard & Platform

Our STO development service is responsible for the complete programming of your STO Investor Dashboard, which enables the extensive sale of your security token offering. We have been involved in the development of STO dashboards and platforms for multiple projects and have the expertise required to implement these applications.

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Fastest and Safest Growing Investment in STO

During the evolution of the ICO market, the blockchain industry developed the Simple Agreement for Future Token (SAFT) framework, which ensured that “security tokens” were only sold to accredited investors. SAFT was designed to simplify investor verification and accreditation. However, the model was short-lived as the tokenization landscape continued to evolve.  

Team BSI is there to follow proper guidelines for your STO that helps to gain instant credibility; so that investors can spend less time researching regulations of STO and spend more time assessing the merits of the actual business model.

STOs could take micro-investing mainstream and allow more people to participate in start-up ventures that were previously restricted to accredited investors and venture capitalists.


Blockchain technology has reduced the need for an expensive middleman and has passed on those savings to investors. The emergence of Low-fee-Investment will only strengthen under the STO model, given its programmable compliance and owners.


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Technology with Legal Assistance in Business Software India

Business Software India ensures that you get every service, which gives your business maximum support and validation. Therefore, we, as an STO Development Company, back your offering with technology and legal expertise. The concept of Security Token Offering is already more authentic and regulated; our target is to deliver you top-notch STO, which certainly makes a massive profit for you.
Security Token Offering Development in india
Security Token Offering Development

Blockchain-Based STO

Our development is highly secure as our team is highly skilled in blockchain technology. Experience in the exchange market for more than three years builds an excellent blockchain team in BSI.

Tokenized Asset Offering Development

In the last few years, Initial Coin Offering ( ICO ) made smart investments but, due to a lack of security and safety issues, ICO is now not trustworthy.

To mitigate security hindrances, Security Token Offering has been introduced. These tokens are extremely secure and safe for investment. Security tokens are issued against shareholding rights of profit-making real products or assets and virtual products or assets.

Technology has shifted 360 degrees, as the perspective of business modules. The virtual world and real-world is juxtaposing with each other to create profit in businesses. That is why STO is the ownership of a piece of property or participation of an investment fund. These security token can be traded in a secondary market.

Tokenisation of Asset is issuing a blockchain token for Real Tradable Asset. Owing to maintaining and expanding Asset is a difficult task for the investor.

Risk Factors in Traditional Investment

     1. Hard Liquidation of the property or investments
     2. Inconvenient transactions
     3. Difficulty in getting information about the investment
     4. Delayed process of ROI

These risk factors create an adverse scenario of Traditional investment and as a result, it paves a smooth way for Digital Asset Tokenization.

Benefits of for Digital Asset Tokenization

      1. Easy Liquidation of Invested money or property
      2. Faster transactions in the blockchain- ledger
      3. Transparent transaction detail
      4. Accessible investment data
      5. Freedom to investors
      6. Time-saving investment
       7. Divisible Percentage based investment
       8. Globally accepted liquidation of tokens
       9. Anytime investment and anytime liquidation
       10. Fewer transaction fees

As Cybersecurity is the major concern for such fintech products, we assure our clients of the provisions of AML and KYC, so that STO can perform smoothly all over the world.
Apart from this, legal compliance varies from one jurisdiction to another. In this case, Business software India provides full legal support for issuing STO in any part of the world.


Meet Exclusive STO Services

We have experience in developing and operating large scale digital companies. Our expertise in STOs allows us to collect funds from investors all over the world. Launch your STO within 30 days!

Security Token Offering Development

STO Exchange Platform

An Exchange is Indispensable for STO that is why we provide STO Exchange for You. This Exchange enable Investors to Exchange their Token Worldwide.
Security Token Offering Development in india

Tokenized Asset Offering Development

Tokenised Asset boost up Investor's attention. BSI Develops Asset-Backed Tokens for your Projects to earn trust for Clients.
Security Token Offering Development in india

STO Whitepaper Development

STO Whitepaper accelerates Authenticity Of Offerings. The Whitepapaer Documentation generates confidence To your Project.
Security Token Offering Development in india

Equity Token Platform Development

The Equity Financing is a common practice Of Share Dilution to Raise Capital. Our ETO Development will provide Voting Rights, Automated Dividends, Buyback Rights, Profit Share Rights , Cash Flow to your Investors.
Security Token Offering Development

STO Legal Support

We Provide World-Class Legal Solution For Security Token Exchange. As all countries impose AML and KYC related requirements on Financial Businesses, including Security Token Issuers. Hence our Legal Team will take care of KYC And AML Regulations for India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, And Hong Kong.
Security Token Offering Development

STO Marketing

We provide Digital Marketing for your Token Offering. From Token Launch To Market Penetration of Your Tokens, our Team will be taken care of your Offerings. Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing will help to reach your Token to the target Customers.
Security Token Offering Development

Service 24/7 is our Priority

Clients or Investors will be assisted by our Executives 24/7 without any failure. Our cutting edge Software will enable you to communicate with your Investors .
  • World Class Legal Consultatioin
  • International Licenses For STO
  • Token Compilance With AML/KYC
  • Legal Options & Company Creation
  • Contract Drafting & Legal Assistance
Security Token Offering Development

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Growing Global Network

Market Research

Get a deep understanding of the customer’s demand and dreams of profits. We research how you exactly attract investors.

STO is an innovative form of fundraising, allowing investors to invest cross border in attractive business opportunities.

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