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Security Token Offering Development in india

Security Token Offering Development in India

With Business Software India’s state-of-the-art Security Token Offerings (STO) you can launch your regulated fund-raising. BSI as an STO Development company will back your offering with top-notch technology, expertise and legal assistance.

Stock Exchange Software Development in india

Stock Exchange Software Development in India

BSI is a pioneer of the custom Blockchain development that focuses on Token Exchange Software with High Data Security and a High-Frequency Trading Engine. Stocks, Fiat, Commodities and much more can be traded with this High-Frequency Trade engine.

Investement platform India

Investment Platform Software Development in India

Business Software India develop the best Online Investment Platforms, using web and mobile applications. Acquire easy access to your clients, advisors and investors on one platform. BSI’s comprehensive development process consists of a compact architecture, banking system integration and sandbox development.

DLT Software Development

Blockchain Development
in India

Business Software India builds the top-notch blockchain based software for your business. Blockchain is the prime focus of our Software Development. Team BSI will develop a top-notch DLT software solution for medical, educational, supply chain and construction sectors to acquire exponential business growth.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality

AR/VR/MR Software Development in India

Business Software India develops Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality driven software. Our software will assure better medical treatment, facilitate worldwide touring, ensure a safe driving experience, time-saving real estate inspection, effective education and eco-friendly business processes.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning developer, India

ML & AI Tool
Development in India

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP are substituting our demands and desires radically. Acquire your magnificent machine learning headway with Business Software India’s Machine Learning and AI Scientists.

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Developed by ECCI East Coast Construction and Industries Limited. It is a multi-tenanted block.

Best Software Development Company

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Business Software India has developed a high-frequency trading software platform for stocks, commodities, derivatives and other assets. Our white label software can be licensed by customers arround the world. Additionally we provide enterprise application development and mobile app development for Android and iOS. We are blockchain fanatic engineers and super talented digital marketing experts. BSI is devoted to boost your business and maximize your profit exponentially. Contact us now!

Bhaskar Banergee is a chief executive officer (CEO),[1] or just chief executive (CE), is the most senior corporate, executive, or administrative officer in charge of managing an organization – especially an independent legal entity such as a company or nonprofit institution.

Our CEO as Speaker of an event by Paytm Insider

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“Business Software India” is a brand name of Primjena Software Private Limited. We are a full-service software development company. We offer turnkey cloud software solutions and customize software development to corporate clients such as direct sales companies, multi-level-marketing companies, and online retail businesses.

Being the best software development company in India, we deliver all emerging technological solution to reach highest profit for our Clients.

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