27th January 2022 – BSI 


Well known for its heavy use of manual procedures and colossal data storage in different methods and places, the logistics sector has the most to gain from applying novel technologies and following the most immersive supply chain and logistics tech trends. We will see some of the tech trends implemented in the Logistics sector in 2021. Here is the top tech trend in the logistic industry:

  • Autonomous Vehicles have been closely associated with logistics near the future, be it drones or trucks. UPS Venture and TuSimple are testing autonomous trucks on a route in Arizona to find out whether the vehicles can enhance efficiency and service in the UPS network. Other than UPS and TuSimple, companies like Daimler, Einride, Embark, Tesla, and Starsky Robotics aim to eradicate the drivers from freight haulers. Austrian Airlines is leveraging drones implemented in hangars to execute regular maintenance works and identify potential damage outside the craft.
  • Digital Twins are one of the most fantastic tech trends in the logistics industry. As logistics experts say, products are never the same as their computer models. But this immersive tech is going to change that all. Now digital and real worlds can be merged, allowing us to connect with digital models of physical objects for the first time. In the shipment industry, the tech is leveraged to obtain product and packaging data to determine possible flaws and recurring trends to enhance future processes. Warehouses use the digital twins to develop precise 3D prototypes of their centers and experiment with layout modifications or launch a new device to see its effect. Logistics hub can develop the tech and leverage it to test different situations and increase efficacy.
  • Blockchain has been a hot topic in every sector and is one of the most excessively publicized tech trends. CargoX is a start-up firm that turned up wholly dedicated to bringing the tech trend to the industry by leveraging the public Ethereum Network for secure validation of document transactions. UPS and BNSF Railway joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance, though they are still new projects. Different shippers or carriers can share sensitive data in the logistics sector, and firms could develop trade finance and supply chain solutions like TradeLens. For the companies to adopt the tech, they must digitize, standardize and cleanse their data. Once standards are applied, logistics firms must create an ecosystem of supply chain partners to leverage the standards in a blockchain environment.
  • Warehouse Robotics processes have undergone a drastic shift in recent years, and one of the most immersive tech trends in the sector is warehouse robotics. Boston Dynamics developed a mobile warehouse robot – Handle with a small footprint, long reach, and vision system that can unload trucks, move boxes and build pallets throughout any warehouse facilities.

GreyOrange and Locus Robotics had integrated robots that selflessly moved around the warehouse. Be it multifunction robots or autonomous vehicles, robotization can drastically enhance the efficacy and swiftness of warehouse operations.

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Logistics is one such goldmine for blockchain technology implementation. Operational management, safety handling, freight transportation, product tracking, and monitoring can be fully automated through blockchain technology.

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