Blockchain For Best Food

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Blockchain For Best Food

Business Software India   •   Feb 21, 2020

Blockchain Development

A food safety blockchain solution is also a way for farmers to communicate their products to their customer base. The masses are becoming increasingly interested in where their food came from, what conditions it was grown in, and when it comes to meat, how the animals were treated. Farmers can often apply labels to food that are misleading.

While the question comes to the farmer, why do the farmers label their products exactly and truthfully?

The answer is if some food product is found out with allergic or any other reaction, then the whole industry will suffer from the misleading information given by some dishonest farmer. The government will ban the product countrywide. Whether the ban can be prevented by correctly labelling the product. The allergic contamination can be traced particularly if the labelling would be done honestly by the farmers. A farmer whose vegetable does not possess allergic contamination would not be banned by the government if the whole country follows a unified food labelling system.

The idea of Blockchain in food safety is that each node on the blockchain would represent an entity that has interacted with the food on its way to the store. It typically takes 7 days to trace (if the food is labelled) the source of the food back to the producers. But with Blockchain Technology it will take few seconds to trace the source of the food. It will be easy, exact method to find out the source of every food crops, vegetables, animal products etc. The revolution will pave the way for healthy, zero-waste food chain system


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