Work @ Home – New Work Culture

Work @ Home – New Work Culture

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Business Software India   •  May 30, 2020

Business Software India's New Work Culture

Due to the pandemic, we have been working on a home-office basis for the last three months. The experiences that we have had through this work-from-home phase, is that we can work any time of day and at the same time spend time with our families. There is no traffic pollution and the time we usually require to travel to the office has been saved. This reduces stress and also generates a lovely surrounding for us. We can do office work as well as taking care of our family at any time of the day.

Working from home comes with many benefits as the person takes on additional commitment and responsibility for completing his tasks at his own home. This is a way to save money for both parties, the company and also the employees. Employees do not need to spend additional costs for transport to and from work, and less money is spent on lunch breaks. Money and time are saved in large amounts. No more getting stuck in the traffic jam in a crowded city.

These days, we find ourselves in a different reality space, where currently working from home is our only option. We approach this in a very practical manner, and our outlook on this has changed positively. It is important to improve on adapting to a home office situation where we may have to do a few new things like creating a workplace, physical workouts, and scheduled time-frames for business and private matters. We have set up a process to make our professional life more productive by working from home. Now, with a clear work process and planning, work from home will elevate our professional commitment.

Business Software India has the notion and spirit of adopting a new work culture as fast as they can. BSI has potential clients who run their stock exchanges on a completely blockchain-based basis. On our five year journey, we have come across an increasing number of customers looking to tokenize real estate and other physical assets to bring more exposure and speed of investment to their company.

     Bhaskar Banerjee who is the CEO of Business Software India. He is one of the evangelists in Blockchain, AI, ML technology from India. with his 20 years of experience, he has developed Stock Exchanges for various blockchain-based Stock Markets worldwide. Currently, his project is focusing on developing blockchain-based Real Estate Investment Platform. He has taken a big role in handling the current crisis. His company does not support “Lay Off”
practice during the COVID crisis.

Working from home cannot dissuade us from achieving our target within an optimal timeframe. We remain reliable and present. BSI will continue to accompany the software development from start to finish.

BSI has potential clients who run their stock exchanges on a completely blockchain-based basis.


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